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Restigouche Regional Museum Exterior


Since 1967, The Restigouche Regional Museum has preserved and displayed artifacts on the heritage, culture, history, and genealogy relating to Restigouche County in Dalhousie, New Brunswick.

At the heart of our museum is the deep appreciation and respect we hold for the vibrant cultures that have thrived here throughout the centuries. From the Mi'kmaq First Nations to the Acadian settlers and early European explorers, our exhibits weave together the intricate tapestry of their lives, traditions, and contributions.

We invite you to share your own stories, memories, and photographs, allowing us to weave an even richer tapestry of the Restigouche region's collective memory. Our museum has long been a cherished institution within our community, and now we are excited to extend our reach and share our treasures with visitors from around the world.

We house an Art studio, gift store, and offer guided tours, live cultural events, and educational programming.

Exterior of the Restigouche Regional Museum


Architecturally, they are the most significant, secular buildings in Restigouche County. The jail, which is a fusion of Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival styles, was built in 1891and was designed by prominent architect H. H. Mott, of St. John. Mott, who , was responsible for only three buildings in Restigouche County: a church and sunday school, and a hall in Campbellton, and the Dalhousie jail.  The jail is the last remaining of these structures.  Additionally, Mott only designed three jails during his career, with Dalhousie's pre-dating the others by 10 years. The court house, designed by architect Peter H. Blyth, was built in 1924 and is an example of the Georgian Classical style.

Poster for the Restigouche Regional Museum's gift shop. The poster reads "Come and Visit the Restigouche Regional Museum's Gift Shop! Featuring authors such as Joan Blake, Charles Seems, Michel Goudreau and Philip Lee. For more information call 506-684-7490, email, or visit us at 424 William Street in Dalhousie.


We house an Art studio, gift store, and offer guided tours, live cultural events, and educational programming.


115 Hall Street

St. Mary’s Anglican Church is designated a Local Historic Place because it is the oldest existing church in Dalhousie.

Image of St. Mary's Anglican Church


Activities at the Restigouche Regional Museum are made possible primarily through municipal, provincial and federal funding, community partnerships, rental revenue and generous donations by community members.

Indoor image of the Restigouche Regional Museum




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