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The Restigouche County jail and courthouse have been involved in the legal history of the province and have been host to several high profile cases and prisoners.

It was the site of the last hanging in the province, which occurred at the jail on December 11 th 1957. The courthouse also functioned as the seat of county government until 1967 and only stopped being used entirely in 2006. The jail was closed in 2011. Architecturally, they are the most significant, secular buildings in Restigouche County.

The jail, which is a fusion of Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival styles, was built in 1891and was designed by prominent architect H. H. Mott, of St. John. Mott, who , was responsible for only three buildings in Restigouche County: a church and sunday school, and a hall in Campbellton, and the Dalhousie jail.  The jail is the last remaining of these structures.  Additionally, Mott only designed three jails during his career, with Dalhousie's pre-dating the others by 10 years. The court house, designed by architect Peter H. Blyth, was built in 1924 and is an example of the Georgian Classical style.


The Museum is currently updating our research through stories, donated news articles and community conversations. If you have any history of the former courthouse or jail, please contact us!

Location of Jail and Courthouse at 424 William Street, Heron Bay, N.B.

Detail showing original layout of the Courthouse

Detail showing original layout of the Courthouse.

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