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Saint Mary's Anglican Church exterior


Our Shared Heritage

115 Hall Street

St. Mary’s Anglican Church is designated a Local Historic Place because it is the oldest existing church in Dalhousie.


Built during 1869-1870 it was known as “St. James” until the church was consecrated in 1873, when its name was changed to “St. Mary’s”. The Gothic Revival architecture was typical of the churches built in that time. In 1913 a “Norman” bell tower and bell were added to the west end of the church. It is currently still a consecrated space and is held in trust by the Museum.


The church still retains the original hand carved pews.

Gothic Revival elements include

  • Steep gabled roof;

  • Narrow pointed arch windows;

  • Buttresses.


Romanesque elements include

  • Crenellated bell tower.


Available for tours and private bookings

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